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Stay Greasy.

Professional info


This is my resume ( I've been in the internet/design business since 1994. Back then, I was in college at U.W. Whitewater, double majoring in Art: Graphic Design and Radio/TV/Film,  The internet was fairly new, and there was no web design major available at the time, so I taught myself code, and used my art background to start making webpages way back when people used a 14.4k modem. 

Over the past 29 years in the field, I've gone from being impressed with animated GIF's and 56k modems, to being amazed by responsive web design, social media/digital marketing, and having the entire internet on your smart phone.

For my creative life, I proudly have been thinking outside of the box.

I love the beauty of typography, color and design to induce a message and create an emotional response. 

It's been a wild ride.

Languages and Skills









3D Studio Max

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere


2010 - present
Work experience

Inwave Internet - Lead Web Designer/Art Director



Created, coded and maintained over 300 professional websites during my 10+ years with the Janesville Wisconsin based Internet Service Provider. If your business was located in Janesville WI or Rockford IL during the late 90's, chances are I had something to do with your website.  In addition to web design/coding, I also created print ads, CD-Roms, videos and SEO. 


Some major clients were: ABC Supply, Beloit College, Patch Products, The Janesville Gazette, Kerry Ingredients, and Jerusalem University College.

2010 - present

Reader's Digest - Junior Web Designer

November 2006 to July 2010


  • Designed and sent out E-mail newsletters with a circulation of over 1 million per week.

  • Responsible for content updates for Rachel Ray Magazine, Taste of Home and other RD websites

  • Worked with marketing, editorial and International teams to concept and execute consistent, stable code.

Reader's Digest - Digital Content Producer

July 2010 to December 2014


  • Production of digital content for Taste of Home and The Family Handyman online content.

  • Implement SEO recommendations to improve page views and keyword ranking

  • Digital Editor for Light Desserts weekly Newsletter.

  • Worked with/Trained the Taste of Home Cooking school on how to update their WordPress built site.

  • Updated graphics for all RD publications

  • I basically did a little bit of everything

Reader's Digest - Assistant Manager of Digital Marketing Operations

December 2014 to November 2021


  • Execute set-up and delivery of 20+ daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly newsletters with a total quantity send of over 50 million per month

  • Selecting and implementing consumer marketing ads across all content based newsletters

  • Works closely with Editorial and International production team.

CUNA Mutual - Sr. Marketing Automation Specialist

November 201`to Present


University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (1992-1997)

BA in Art: Graphic Design

BA: Radio/TV/Film (Electronic Media)

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